Friday, 5 October 2012

Alex Ferguson is happy Rio was left out

Alex Ferguson is absolutely great at playing with the press and came out today to tell them that he absolutely doesn't care about Rio being left out of the squad.  In that way he's almost exactly like me

Rio Ferdinand left out of England squad NOT A LIZARD YET

Look!  It's the new video I made yesterday.  You should watch that and then our new web-show while you think about Sir Alex's latest press offering.  He told the BBC:
"I'm happy because at his age Ferdinand should be protecting himself as best he can," 
And I'm pretty sure that it's about football and not that he's going to war in a Tolkien-esque world, arming himself with sword and shield and helmet thing like in Knightmare, or like what Shredder wears.  Knightmare is one of the shows that gives me the creeps just even thinking about it now, and I can't really tell you why.

Look at that.  It's terrifying even now.

I also got spooked out watching 'Through The Dragon's Eye' while I was at school but I don't know why that is either.  Perhaps it's something to do with a traumatic event that occurred in my life, perhaps my young mind didn't appreciate weird spooky TV shows - I'm not a doctor.  I would also ask my psychiatrist but he was very rude last time and even made me pay for my red pudding supper.  What is this, a chip shop?!