Thursday, 27 September 2012

Zidane has a statue of himself head-butting Materazzi

Zinedine Zidane is in my opinion, probably the best player ever because not only was he awesome, but he was also completely mental.  Like that time he head-butted someone in the World Cup final and then they made a statue of it

For the uncultured swines among you, that is a photograph from outside the Pompidou, which is Paris' Modern Art Gallery.  It's totally awesome in there and full of art that you can pretend to really like, and then you get super, super, super bored, start looking at the people inside instead and then you realise your girlfriend has been looking at various chairs for the last half an hour.  It's a chair.  So you wander around some more and you do see some cool stuff like Andy Warhol paintings so it was actually OK.

And now there's a statue of someone physically assaulting another outside because he made a yo momma joke or accused his sister of being a prostitute or something like that.  If I could have chosen one time to head-butt someone it would definitely have been the World Cup final.  And not Burger King.

I guess sometimes you just can't control everything in life