Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Zenit players are jealous

You may remember that Zenit St Petersburg spent about £100billion to get Hulk and Alex Witsel this summer and you will especially remember if you play for them, because you hate those guys now.

Why didn't they crop that photo?  I'm far too lazy to do it.  By they I of course mean the photo agency who sold us the photo...... so anyway over in Russia they have a lot of money, and a large percentage of it is being put in the bank accounts of Hulk and Witsel, because why else would you ever go to Russia?

From Reuters via Dirty Tackle:
"I'm not against foreign players but there must be a balance in the team
"Yes, the club has bought good players but do you think they are so much better than us that they should make three times as much?"
So I guess that sounds about fair enough.  And for that matter, how come people like Oliver Holt and Henry Winter get paid thousands for writing about football yet I have to work like two other jobs, try and juggle a worrying new addiction to Football Manager and now the new FIFA is out soon?  And I still don't have a yacht.  I don't really think I'd like a yacht though, I don't like large bodies of open water mostly because I'm scared of the sea creatures that might live inside it.

See?  I give you gold like that and I'm not even rich yet.