Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wayne Rooney almost DIED, man

Wayne Rooney's fucking LEG ALMOST CAME OFF

Also he almost died, or his career nearly ended because of that injury he got where someone sliced his leg open with their football boot.  If it had been 1mm higher then all hell could have broke loose.  Look!  Just read it here:
"I was quite lucky it didn't cut my muscle," Rooney said in an interview with English newspapers. "I was told it was just one millimeter away from severing an artery. It could have been a lot worse, so thank God for that. I could have been in serious trouble.

Now, I'm no doctor but I think the artery is important because it's the muscle that produces the most art in your body.  Without art you have no heart.  You only have he, and he isn't really anything.  It's just 'he'.  Unless it's He-Man, in which case this would have been awesome.

Wayne Rooney almost became He-man but didn't, because his leg has come off.