Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Usain Bolt is going to play for Manchester United

Speedy lightning fast man Usain Bolt is set to turn out for Manchester United in a charity game against Real Madrid.  That sounds awesome, but it's next year so cool your jets.

I don't think anyone in the world can dislike Usain Bolt, other than all of the other sprinters in the world who now can't win until he retires or dies, and it will be great to find out how good he actually is.  He and his Jamaican team-mate joined in a game of 6 a sides the other day * but I don't think that's a judge of how well you'd perform in a Premier League game.  I managed to dribble around the entire team by accident yesterday but I don't think that means I could do it against Man City.  Then again, maybe it does.  I should probably go there right now and see what happens.  The worst that can happen is I get put in jail but I hear they have TV there.  Getting paid to watch 24?  I'll have that.  That is how jail works isn't it?

* cheers to Ian for spotting that