Monday, 3 September 2012

Sven-Goran Eriksson goes to Thailand

The headline sounds like a porn film and to be honest, it probably will be like a porn film. Sven the somehow sexy to women Swede, is off to Thailand to become the technical director of some team you've never heard of.

BEC Tero Sasana are the team who have employed the 64 year old, who was actually once a good manager. He did quite well for England, I suppose the players found it easy to relate to a man who loved shagging about. Since then he has specialised in making lots of money whilst managing to be a complete failure at every club. Being paid lots of money to be terrible at your job, that's the dream.

Expect to see him pictured in the Daily Mail on the beach in his pants, surrounded by women. Well they are probably women, it's all a bit of a mystery in Thailand. As long as he doesn't go and do a Glitter then good luck to him.