Friday, 7 September 2012

Stoke City player admits murdering girl

Stoke City player Andrew Hall has admitted the murder of his 15 year old girlfriend, stabbing her a lot of times at a house party.  This story really sucks btw.

The 18 year old footballer will be sentenced some time later after pleading guilty on charges of stabbing his girlfriend over 60 times in the head, neck and upper chest, causing her to die.  There are a whole bunch of 'that's a lame party' and 'Stoke City are known to be overly aggressive in the tackle but this is ridiculous' jokes you could make here but they'd all be in terrible taste so I won't make them, and will simply offer my condolences to the family of this wee lassie, because this cunt couldn't keep his temper in check.

RIP Megan-Leigh Peat, I'm sure you were a very nice person and I hope your family is ok.