Friday, 7 September 2012

Steven Gerrard is ambitious, wrong

Steven Gerrard thinks England can win the world cup in 2014.  I think he might be wrong, and also that newspaper headlines are annoyingly misleading

Steven Gerrard is one of those players who deserves to win things since he stayed with his hometown club instead of taking the easy road to an instant success team, and thankfully he has won stuff.  Loads of stuff.  Like the Champions League, FA Cup, whatever the Europa League used to be called, some other cups etc but never an international trophy - and that's because he's English.  He was interviewed in the build up to tonight's qualification game and said:
"When I speak, I'm realistic and honest. At the moment we're not one of the favourites to win the World Cup but that doesn't mean you stop believing, working hard to improve and try to learn from mistakes you have made in previous tournaments.
"We have to have that faith and keep believing. You never stop believing in football. Miracles do happen."
Yeh, they do, and Greece used up all of them in 2004.  In all fairness he doesn't say, at any point, that he thinks England will win, merely that because they'll probably be there, by pure statistics they have a chance.  Unfortunately there is absolutely no miracle left in the vault of miracles since 2004 and miracles has also suddenly become one of those words that if you say it lots of times it sounds weird.  And that is my thought for the day.