Friday, 21 September 2012

Sir Alex says, "Behave!"

It's Liverpool Vs Manchester United this Sunday and it's probably going to turn into a war.

Sir Alex has done the only thing he could to stop Manchester United fans singing about Hillsborough, he wrote a letter. "Please don't your songs of hatred, or else I'll give you a Glasgae kiss. Love, Sir Alex." Is not what the letter said, it was more along the lines of "don't sing those songs".

Imagine fully grown men having to be told not to sing songs about people dying, you must have had terrible parents. I don't think a letter is going to have the desired effect on people who can barely read. Rather than simply condemn the actions, I think anyone found guilty of singing these songs should have to give Alex Ferguson a sponge bath. One look at his wrinkly old, Scottish willie and you'll never utter an offensive word ever again.