Sunday, 30 September 2012

Roy Keane is a great manager

As we all know, Roy Keane is a great manager, and the only thing stopping him from winning games is that all his players are terrified of him and hate him.  Now he's the boss of some Turkish team.  Sun!

Formerly one of football's 'HARD MEN', Keane forged a reputation as a promising young manager because he once played for Alex Ferguson, or once knew Alex Ferguson, and that's all you need to get a job, but also because he got Sunderland promoted.  Then they got relegated I think, and then he was in charge of Ipswich and was terrible there as well.  I get the impression that even his happy team talks are filled with anger, or if he doesn't criticise a player for a mistake he makes he has to punch a mannequin in the face instead so he doesn't explode with pure rage.

Now managing Kasimpasa in Turkey, Keane can just shout things that aren't even real words rather than express any tactical thoughts, because it is impossible to understand English in Turkey.  That is just scientific fact.