Monday, 3 September 2012

Ronaldo is too sad to celebrate

Ronaldo scored two goals for Real Madrid on Sunday, taking his total to 150 in 149 games.  This is quite a lot so you'd think he'd be happy BUT HE WASN'T.  HE WASN'T HAPPY AT ALL!

The Portuguese star has said he didn't celebrate because he is very upset with what someone at the club has said to him, or done, or something like that.  He said:
 "I am sad.  That's why I didn't celebrate. And the club know why."
According to some rumours he's actually asked club president Florentino Perez if he can leave ASAP, and I read that from Guillem Balague, who's a journalist on the TV and therefore cannot lie even if he wanted to.  His deep sadness is believed to originate from his friends Kaka, Carvalho and Coentrao who either can't get a game or have been thrown away like the green crisp in the packet.

The only clubs in the world who could afford him would of course be PSG, Anzhi and Man City although since Wayne Rooney is now really fat I suppose Ferguson could offer a swap deal.  Just with loads of pies for Wayne Rooney since he's so fat now.  I am so funny sometimes