Sunday, 30 September 2012

Psycho Fan attacks Linesman

Having never been to the Ukraine I base all my opinions on what I see I see from football, it looks absolutely mental.

In a game between Chernomorets and FC Metalist, an angry fan ran onto the pitch and tried to strangle the linesman. I'm not sure why he tried to kill the assistant and not the referee, I can only imagine he did a Ryan Giggs or chopped a goal off for off-side. Watch the video below.

Getting arrested in the Ukraine is something I do not want to experience. You can clearly see it's taking all of the policeman's restraint not to beat the shit out of the man right there and then on the pitch. As soon as he get's him in the backroom he is going to unleash a hurricane of physical harm upon this chap.

It's rumoured that my town used to have a football team but were thrown out of the league for beating up a referee. That's life in small town Scotland my friends, alcoholics, inbreds and farmers fighting each other to become the town champion - it's great really.