Friday, 21 September 2012

Podolski wants an Arsenal tattoo

Lukas Podolski has had a good start for Arsenal and scored a few goals. Of course this means that he loves Arsenal and wants to get them tattooed on his arm.

Podolski already has a tattoo of Cologne on his arm, which is fair enough because it's hometown club. However getting an Arsenal tattoo seems a bit like when chavs get a tattoo of their girlfriend's name. "I love Jordan and we are going to be together forever, no matter what anyone says". After a year together Daz and Jordan produce a mutant chav baby, but before long Jordan is shagging Daz's best mate Baz and Daz is shagging Jordan's best friend Jodie. Luckily the tattoos are easily enough to alter but unfortunately there is more chav offspring on the way.

Podolski can just do the same thing with his tattoo, although I'm not sure what he could change the Arsenal cannon to. A massive cock? We should ask Van Persie.