Sunday, 9 September 2012

Paolo Di Canio is still mental

Paolo di Canio was a notorious headcase during his playing days. Fortunately he hasn't give up the mental juice now he has turned his hand to management.

Managing Swindon town went surprisingly well for Di Canio last season, and he got the team promoted into League . Things aren't quite so easy this time around. Recently they were defeated by Preston 4-1 and Di Canio was so pissed off with his 21 year-old keeper that he actually subbed him off after 20 minutes, saying: "he is one of the worst players I've ever seen."

When they lost yesterday he threw his jacket in disgust and looked like he was going to kill the fourth official. It must be hard to take advice from Di Canio, considering that he seems psychologically unstable and a fascist. It's like when the pub's resident alcy tries to give you life lessons, despite wearing piss-stained jeans.

I worry for the safety of the players of Swindon town. If they don't start to win games again, he might actually murder someone. His lawyer's defence would just be that volley he scored for West Ham on a continuous loop.