Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nicklas Bendtner: Too fat to play

Nicklas Bendtner is the best player in the world, according to Nicklas Bendtner. Having moved to Juventus on loan, the player has been told he is too fat to actually play. Legend.

Bendtner refused to take part in any of Arsenal's pre-season so found himself eating pies and drinking Guinness instead. It's believed that Juve have put him on a super 2 week fitness regime to turn him into the mean, lean, goal-scoring machine that he is in his head.

Former Juventus midfielder Tacchinardi said -
'I will not say Bendtner is a bad player but he does not help improve Juventus either,'
Not exactly a glowing reference. After a pretty good Euro 2012, he thought that he would end up playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid. No such offers came in, but unhappy with Wenger telling him to do things like run around or score goals- he went on strike. It won't be long before he's playing Highland League for the Inverurie Locos - drinking in my local and telling anyone who'll listen how he could have been the next Pele if only he was given a chance...and black.