Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Napoli's pitch is haunted / awful

Fiorentina have complained about the state of Napoli's pitch because it is terrible.  This is pretty straightforward thing, really.  Apart from the fact that the pitch is HAUNTED

It's not really haunted, it's just in a state of disrepair because it has been 'attacked by a fungus' which sounds far less like the 80s B-Movie I was hoping to find stills from than it actually is.  In reality it just looks like the pitch I used to play football on with my friends after it had rained a lot and then dried up. If there's ever a football tournament held on terrain where you have to navigate your runs around a giant slide, a huge hole in the ground that would regularly flood like a swimming pool, a bench on the wing, and a huge bush - I still wouldn't get a game for whatever team would be doing that.

But at least I wouldn't moan about the pitch if I did.  Well I might.  I just moaned that Final Cut wanted four hours to export a three minute video and I have no idea if that even sounds right or not