Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nani is pissed off

Nani is super annoyed with Manchester United for trying to flog him to Zenit St Petersburg last week.  He's so annoyed that he's GOING TO RUN AWAY!  After his contract ends in two years.

The Manchester United winger was offered to the Russian club for £25million last week and this got on his tits, because he sort of likes Manchester, and more specifically the part of it that isn't Russia.  Here's a quote from a "source" from the Mirror:
“It wasn’t an ­accident that Nani was ­incommunicado. He told his agent to ask for silly money if Zenit wanted to talk. He expected them to turn him down flat, but they still wanted to talk.
“In the end, Nani turned off his phone and told ­people he was with at the time not to divulge his whereabouts if anyone called them.
“He doesn’t want to go. He’s happy to sit there and see out his deal if United make things this difficult.”
Apparently he turned his phone off when people kept trying to ring him to offer him lots of money to play football.  Those bastards.  Can't a man walk down the street in this country without being offered a job?!