Saturday, 22 September 2012

Michael Laudrup likes financial incentives

Michael Laudrup has been in the news recently defending the acceptance of money from other teams to try extra hard against league rivals because.... money.

The Denmark legend and Swansea manager said:
"If Swansea play the last game against a team and a third team pays Swansea to win the game, I really don't see anything bad about that."
And then that same BBC article said 'Accepting money to influence the outcome of a match is against Football Association and Premier League rules'

So somewhere along the line someone has done something they shouldn't have and I for one am really against anyone who does anything just for financial gain.  If they've accepted money for something they normally wouldn't just to make a fast buck I'll be really annoyed.  Oh and on that note you should totally get all your Bet365 latest football odds from that link.