Monday, 3 September 2012

Michael Essien calls Mourinho his daddy

Michael Essien is apparently a very confused young man because he thinks Jose Mourinho is his father.  He's not, by the way.

Real Madrid's capture of Chelsea's midfielder on loan signalled the return of Essien to his 'daddy'.  Here's him talking about his boss (from Dirty Tackle via Reuters):
"Daddy (Mourinho) knows me very well, he brought me to Chelsea, and he knows I can play in any position he wants - except goalkeeper." [...]
"Everything went very fast and I was in my hotel room and I had a call from my daddy and he said he would be very happy to have me at the club," he said.
"I never thought I would end up here. I was focused on Chelsea and I didn't know that Real Madrid would make a bid for me.
"When Mourinho calls it's more than enough. All I want to do is play football and when he rang me I said yes immediately.
"When I arrived he was at the airport. We were really happy to see each other and I am really looking forward to starting playing and enjoying the football."
So I guess that's pretty weird.  It's a bit like when I reach out to my dad and say 'daddy what time are you going to be home from work' and he looks terrified and screams because I actually broke into the wrong house and he's not my dad.  And thinking about it I had my keys all along so I don't know why I broke in in the first place.  Probably for the banter OI OI