Sunday, 9 September 2012

McLean doesn't like Trapattoni

Trapattoni is an old traditional Italian man, McLean is young Irish lad - put them together and you would have sitcom potential. Trapattoni doesn't like to play McLean and McLean is getting awfully irate, hear him roar.

That is a picture of James McLean doing an impression of a really ugly lion. Trap as I'll call him right now, didn't play McLean yesterday in the 2-1 win over the mighty Kazakhstan. Ireland needed two extremely late goals to steal victory and young James was not happy that he didn't get to help out. Taking to Twitter as they always do, he said this - 
"Delighted as a fan we got the win. Personal level #fuming #f*****joke #embarrassing."
Footballers are not very clever, and tweeting something to a few thousand people is bound to get noticed. Trap seems to annoy most of his players and the entire Irish population, but he does love Keith Andrews , which is quite frankly hilarious.

Maybe this is all part of Trap's plan to turn James into a man. One day Trapattoni will fall ill with the cancer and James will have to take over the family farm. As Trapattoni slowly starts to slip away he says, "take care of your sister yi hear", he then closes his eyes- James will think back to that day when he didn't play against Kazakhstan and whispers in Trap's ear, "I understand now". The next day he will go out and kill like 100 American-Indians or else the film would be really boring.