Sunday, 9 September 2012

Marouane Fellaini wants to leave

Giant lumberjack monster Marouane Fellaini has taken time out of his busy schedule performing complicated orthodontic work on passing horses to reveal that he wants to leave Everton soon.

The Belgian midfielder told a reporter of some sort in his native land (from Sky Sports):
"I have started my fifth season at Everton,"
"This will be one of my last seasons. I have seen everything.
"In January, or at the end of the season, I will look for another club or league."
I would expect the betting odds for Fellaini staying any longer would be quite low, or possibly high, because I am terrible at betting.  I've won like three bets ever and I'm pretty sure I picked the wrong boxes on those each time, but this does seem like something of a dead cert.  I wonder what a living a cert is.  Also that quote just reminds me of this: