Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Manchester United have no defense

Manchester United's defence is about as good as John Terry's racism defence. I can't figure out if that means  it's good or bad? Anyway, Vidic is injured and it ensures that Johnny Evans continues to defy logic and actually start for one of the best teams in the world.

Vidic required a knee operations and has been ruled out for 8 weeks. This means that he joins Mr Snuffleupagus Smalling and troll face Phil Jones on the sidelines. It seems like yesterday that United had Ferdinand and Vidic side by side at the back, like a happy marriage that would go on forever. But then like a marriage, things would absolutely tits up.

United let Pique go because they thought Evans would turn out to be a better player. That's got to be a lie, nobody would ever admit to that. I should leave Evans alone, he was found not guilty after all. If you look at United's team, it just goes to prove that either I am an idiot and the players are a lot better than I give them credit for, or Sir Alex is a master of the dark arts. Imagine winning most games with Rafael at right-back and a giant hole in midfield? It does not make sense.