Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Man City lose...at home..to Villa

Man City don't lose at home, they certainly don't lose to Aston Villa, but they did.

Tonight there were a few Capital One Cup games. That has surely got to be the worst name for the League Cup ever. It's even worse than the Milk Cup, or Two Girls One Cup. City lost 4-2 in extra time, Aston Villa fans will be delighted that their former captain Gareth Barry honoured his old club with an own goal, to help them on their way to victory.

Jack Rodwell was injured in the warm up, which happens a lot as he is made of straw. The result was even more surprising as Aston Villa are a little bit poo. N'Zogbia scored the winner, a man who could be really good if he actually cared about anything. City can take heart in knowing that only teams like Arsenal really get excited about the League Cup. They can now focus on the league, champions league and trying to find a way to stop Balotelli smoking.