Sunday, 16 September 2012

Jordan Rhodes is good, but not good enough for Scotland

Blackburn won 5-3 against Bristol City yesterday, with Rhodes scoring twice. That doesn't mean he should be playing for Scotland according to Craig Levein.

Mrs Levein (Craig's wife) has complained that the abuse of her husband is causing her stress and a lack of sleep. I think it's only fair considering how much stress watching Scotland causes me. Despite Rhodes now playing at a higher level and scoring goals, it's still not enough to convince Levein that he is better than Kenny Miller.

"I will keep on playing Kenny Miller, even though he is old and has always been shit" - he probably said. Levein probably drives around in a 1970s Ford Cortina, his children begging him to replace it. "Why would I replace it? I only need to get from A to B" - he says as the fan blows up.

This is what he actually said -

“In the lead up to the Serbia game all the talk in the papers and on radio was about Jordan Rhodes.
“Listen, Jordan isn’t ready to play international football. He’s not.
“Jordan has been built up to this kind of status and the danger for me is he’s getting way over-hyped and that might damage his confidence. It was unusual for there to be a such a clamour for a young boy to play. It was beyond normal.
“The fact somebody has paid £8m for him is their opinion. In my opinion he’s not ready yet to start every game for us.
“It’s easier for me to pick players who are playing at a higher level.”

I hate him so much.