Monday, 24 September 2012

John Terry is tired of being called a racist

John Terry has retired from England international football duties because he thinks it's unfair that people are calling him racist, when all he actually did was call a black person a 'black cunt'.  For shame!

The Chelsea captain has declared that his position within the team is 'untenable' now that he is being further investigated by the FA despite having been found 'not guilty' of the charges that plagued our newspapers for too long last season.  To be honest, I don't care because John Terry seems like an absolute scumbag.

How he managed to retain the captaincy of a country when he was found out for shagging another player's girlfriend is beyond me, no matter how un-football related that might be.  Sure enough you are innocent unless proven otherwise, but the inevitable stigma attached to someone involved with a court case between two adult humans calling each other names, and especially racist ones at that, should probably have made his very position within the squad untenable, let alone being the captain.

Also this means that players who are actually good can play now and the FA don't have to be embarrassed by having a possible racist represent their country.  Where's Ledley King these days anyway?  I haven't seen that guy for ages