Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Garth Crooks might be stupid

Garth Crooks often chooses teams of the week for the BBC site and when he isn't making up formations with too many players in them, he's choosing teams with about 20 strikers in them.

So as we can see here, Crooks has opted for a revolutionary 4-1-5 formation - the likes of which have not been seen on these shores possibly ever.  Arguably he could be reverting to the classic 2-3-5 formation that teams who started the game would employ, or indeed he could be trying to model his team on Luis Enrique's at Roma, or Barca's 'no-striker' rule, where any number of five midfield players can take the most offensive position on the pitch at any time, thus creating havoc with the opposition as they struggle to mark men and create gaps in their back-line that can be exploited with quick passing.

I texted Garth to get an idea of what kind of tactics he felt this team might be best using and he sent me back this