Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Francesco Totti is about to unlock an achievement

Some of you might play Be A Pro on FIFA so you can replicate what it might be like to play football with some of the greatest players in the world.  I hope in real life it's not as boring, but Francesco Totti is about to hit 1000 back heel flicks.  In REAL LIFE

I don't think there is a man, woman or child alive who would suggest that Totti is anything other than ace, because he is.  Here's something I read on the internet:
Gazzetta says he has already completed 9 this season between the Catania and Inter matches, and in total has completed 743 in Serie A and 161 in European play and National Team play. He is now on 996 and only 4 remain before 1,000
I'm pretty sure Gazzetta is quite important because that's the name of the show that James Richardson used to host when he sat outside coffee shops and pretended he knew what Italian was.  Those were the days when you could watch Ronaldo on a sunday afternoon until he got all injured and fat