Sunday, 9 September 2012

Football: I hate being Scottish

When it comes to football, don't be Scottish.

So it is/was International weekend, I hate these weekends. We were at home to Serbia and before the game, we probably thought that a point would be a decent result. Then the game kicked off and we realised that Serbia aren't very good.

Luckily for us we had the trusted services of Kenny Miller upfront. If you get 10,000 chances at goal, you can guarantee he will score one of them. I demand that FIFA investigate the game. A few times a cross came over for Kenny Miller and he actually had no idea when to jump or where to put his head - he was clearly poisoned or had a head transplant as he slept before the game. Sometimes he completely missed the ball all together, this would never happen to a man with his striking capabilities and I want answers.

Craig Levein is never wrong and don't you tell him he's wrong or he will strap you to a seat and bore you to death with his awful tones. Maybe one day the truth will come out and we will get justice for what happened against Serbia. The easier thing to do would be to start Jordan Rhodes against Macedonia.

Why can't we win? I want to go to Brazil! Damn this casino!