Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fiorentina cry like little girls

Cry me a river Fiorentina - the Italian club are crying because Berbatov couldn't be arsed getting on a plane and singed for Fulham instead.

Sporting Director Daniel Prade is furious with the Bulgarian after they paid for him and his agent to fly direct to Fiorentina. 
"As for the player, notwithstanding his characteristics and technical merit, at this point we are happy that he did not come to Fiorentina. He did not deserve our city and our shirt and the values it represents."
Those are the words of a man who has just realised that playing for Fulham holds more appeal than playing for his club. Fiorentina want Berbatov to pay up for the cost of the flights and other expenses and have kicked up an embarrassing fuss. In football terms, it's pocket money - it should have gone like this.

You owe us money for those flights you jerk! *shaking with rage*
Oh yeah, how much? *lights up a cigarette*
£2,000! *still shaking with rage*
There you go *hands over wad of 50s*
Oh....thanks *walks away red faced and bare arsed*