Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dinamo Zagreb player might be 'stupidest ever'

When you are onboard a bus with all your friends headed towards a sporting event, the first thing you do is open a beer to help the good times roll on their way.  If you are a professional athlete and do this on the way to a game you're supposed to be playing in, Dinamo Zagreb will fine you €100,000.  Booooo!

Yes, Domagoj Vida decided to open a can of beer on his team's way to their cup match against lowly ranked NK Vrsar and was rewarded by being fined €100,000 and labelled the stupidest footballer in the club's ranks.  I cannot fathom why he would at any point have thought this was a good idea and I was once almost fired on my first day of work for stealing a newspaper and irn bru and sitting in the backroom and letting the old lady who always works there do all the actual work.  It was a sweet shop and I was 15.  I hate how I had to wait for a few months before I could legitimately skive.

The fools!  Mwa ha ha