Friday, 7 September 2012

Diakite might be depressed

QPR player Samba Diakite has been sent home to recover from a 'personal matter' which might be depression according to some papers, and 'miscellaneous' according to others.  The mystery continues!

Gordon Taylor, the PFA head chief guy, has been on Sky Sports talking about how depression is very bad and blah blah blah even though we don't know if the guy is.  And having been close to and known a lot of clinically depressed people myself, I can safely say that having the fact that they are depressed broadcast on TV news stations and the internet probably doesn't help.  So why am I posting it?  Because the internet.

'Personal matters' is so vague that I hope the real reason is something awesome like he's a secret FBI agent or vigilante and has gone home to rescue a village like in the Expendables.  Maybe afterwards he can tell me why Stallone was so desperate to save Sandra.  YOU HAVE MET HER FOR LIKE 5 MINUTES, WHY ARE YOU EXPLODING AN ENTIRE ISLAND FOR HER