Saturday, 22 September 2012

Demba Ba likes money

Demba Ba is playing hardball with Newcastle United at the moment as his agent tries to very obviously and unsuccessfully negotiate a new contract.

Ba's agent has started putting out 'my client is unhappy that he's on the bench' stories in a desperate bid to earn more than £50,000 a week but now that Newcastle United don't hand out money whenever someone asks for it, the talks aren't getting anywhere.  Alan Pardew even revealed that his transfer release clause triggers in January again without being asked, although I'm not sure he really meant to do that

Either way, Ba still has the same contract and no-one else wants to pay him £80,000 a week because his knee could explode at literally any minute.  It's like buying a really nice Audi except the Audi has a knee that could explode at literally any minute