Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Demba Ba is bad at driving

Demba Ba is so bad at driving that he has now been banned FOREVER or maybe just six months.  I think it's the last one I said.

The Newcastle striker didn't even bother turning up to court to answer two charges of speeding and also to explain who was driving on both occasions, because apparently that's a thing.  So the police can call him to court even though they don't know it was definitely him?  And their plan to catch him out is to ask him "was it you in that speeding car?" and hope he says "yes" so they can go "AH HAH!  I knew it all along!"

Conversely, Ba's plan that not turning up might get him off the hook seems to have been equally foolish but at least he didn't have to wait around in court with all the other minks.  It's basically like the head teachers office for grown ups - I honestly half expect to see Rolf Harris hanging outside the courts now to tell the cameras how sad it is that little Jonny is being put down because he's been to jail too many times.  I think I mean 'want', rather than 'expect'.