Saturday, 1 September 2012

David Templeton is a sell out jerk

David Templeton has left Scottish Premier League team Hearts to play in the Third Division for The Rangers FC, because he is a money hungry cunt with no ambition.

pictured: an utter, utter, utter penis
Templeton made the move on Transfer Deadline Day (the greatest day in the world) to the surprise of everyone bar anyone who has followed the Scottish game for the last 20 years.  Selling out completely to earn a reported £7k a week, Templeton will now play against such mighty teams like Berwick and No-one Cares, while Sevco's owners tell all their new players that they'll be back in the SPL or a league similar within a year or two.

Ian Black is also paid a shocking amount of money for playing in the Third Division, and also said that he was promised he'd be playing SPL football very soon.  Please bear in mind here that the Scottish Third Division doesn't even really count as a football league, because it's that shit.

This either means that they are talking nonsense and trying to justify the moves they've made IT ISN'T THIS ONE, or Rangers have some secret deal with the SPL to be reinstated next season IT COULD BE THIS ONE or all of the teams are going to reorganise the entire league structure, have an SPL1 and SPL2 and that way Rangers are back in the league, none of the clubs lose too much money and they can pretend they followed all the rules in rightfully demoting Rangers to the lowest division for one season for cheating and not paying taxes.  Which is illegal.

If Rangers do play in the SPL next year I will lose any respect I ever had for Scottish football, which at the moment is 1.  I have 1 respect.  It's not so much that I really dislike Rangers and their scummy fans, and their cheating, because I'm sure there are nice fans who love the club in a gentle way and these guys are unfortunate, but blatantly breaking rules of the game and taking good Premier League players down to the bottom league to help escape their own undoing just isn't fair.

To you Rangers fans who moan about bias or whatever, I don't even have the patience or time to write a reasoned response.

AND SO ENDS MY RANT.  Now, it's beer time!  Let's all have fun.  If you post a picture of yourself wearing a FitbaThatba t-shirt on our Facebook page I'll draw you a picture or something