Sunday, 16 September 2012

Celtic are shite

Celtic lost 2-1 to St.Jonhstone, on the count of three everybody laugh. One, two...

Three points were awarded to St.Johnstone after Celtic's players thought that they didn't have to try. Neil Lennon was an angry leprechaun after watching his team go 1-0 up and then go to the pub. It would seem that without Rangers, the Celtic players are finding it hard to motivate themselves to do their job and play football to win games.

Lennon has said that he will no longer answer questions about the Champions League before league games, as this has affected the mind-set of the players. Excuses are like arseholes and Neil Lennon is an arsehole. Celtic are fifth in the league and more worryingly for them, only one point ahead of Aberdeen. They do have a game in hand but I'll pretend they don't. I'd love someone else to win the league, I'd love Rangers to be thrown in a volcano, but I guess we can't have everything.