Tuesday, 11 September 2012

AVB is too smart for Burnley

Burnley's chief executive, Paul something, has written in his book that his club almost signed AVB as manager when Owen Coyle left, but then didn't because he used words they didn't know.

Now currently losing friends at Tottenham Hotspurs, the 34 year old attended an interview for the vacant Burnley manager job in 2010 when Coyle jumped ship to Bolton.
“He sent a very detailed and lengthy application for the job. His CV and Powerpoint presentation were amazing. Even by today’s standards there was some complicated stuff in it, with some things that I didn’t understand.
“Tommy Docherty used to say he never said anything to his players his milkman wouldn’t understand. I don’t think any milkman would fathom the meaning of a lot of Andre’s presentation.
I would say this is an insult to milk men everywhere but then I thought 'WHO THE FUCK IS A MILK MAN?'.  Why would you get someone to deliver milk to your house when you can just buy it from the shops?  There's loads of it you lazy shit.  If anything AVB should be spending more time with milkmen to develop their counter attacking skills.  In this economy you need more than just 'driving van' and 'delivering milk' as listed skills, apparently.  Well la dee da!  It's not like I wanted a job in Wall Street anyway