Wednesday, 5 September 2012

AVB asks for patience, already

AVB has requested that the Spurs fans who have ALREADY started booing the team kindly shut up.

The handsome man hasn't managed a win with the North London club yet but he will, once they stop conceding 85th minute goals against Norwich and whoever else.  For some fans that isn't good enough and they should already be 14 points clear at the top of the league despite having signed most of a new team and having completely changed their style.

From these people AVB might feel a sense of pressure but I would like to point out that he should not, since the only people who boo a team after three games of the season are the same ones who wear the full strip of their club to kickabout games, get their own name on the back of that shirt, and are terrible at FIFA.  I can't respect anyone's opinion on football if they aren't either good at it in real life or on a computer game.  It doesn't even require any fucking exercise on a Playstation, so I don't really understand.  Then again, I also managed to leave school at the end and graduate from University so perhaps you learn these things in those formative years.

If any poor people could let me know otherwise that'd be great