Friday, 14 September 2012

Anders Lindegaard hates David De Gea

Man United's goalkeeping situation sounds an awful lot like a movie where the good guy (de Gea) has to overcome adversity to secure his place as the hero against his rival (Lindegaard) in a particularly homoerotic environment.  Lindegaard loves it

The Danish keeper has kept De Gea out of the United first eleven a few times in the last couple of seasons and he thinks it's great for the club:
‘I have a very good relationship with David. We are very good friends,’ said the 28-year-old.
‘I have a lot of respect for him and I feel he has a lot of respect for me too. So it doesn't affect us at all.
‘From the first day he came to the club, we have both been telling each other, 'I think you can try to solve this situation in a different way.'
 I still get the impression that Lindegaard punctures in De Gea's tires, then when De Gea realises that his bike won't work, Lindegaard laughs with his buddies and drives off with Melissa in the back of his sports car that his rich parents bought him.  And then eventually Lindegaard and De Gea have to battle the pirates together and Lindegaard gets cornered and is hanging off a cliff by one hand, so De Gea risks his life to save him, grabs his hand and pulls him to safety.  Then Lindegaard says 'you're OK David.  You're ok'.  And also it will turn out that Melissa secretly loved De Gea all along and they bang.  And that's what happens at the end - we see tits.  It's an awesome movie.