Friday, 7 September 2012

Alex Ferguson is handing over to Pep Guardiola in July maybe

According to rumours on the internet, which are always true, Alex Ferguson has had a handover meeting with Pep Guardiola with a view to him taking charge in summer 2013.  SCANDALOUS

While some may have thought that Ferguson was simply on a wee trip to New York because it is awesome there, they are mistaken because he was actually conducting the first of some meetings with the ex-Barcelona boss on how to make Man United continue to win stuff.  During the meetings he will be handing over such classified information as which players are good, what monsters Shinji Kagawa is frightened of (most large ones) and some other stuff that I can't work out because the article is in Spanish.

Whatever he's doing, at some point we have to remember that Alex Ferguson isn't immortal and will retire at some point.  I think I'll be more upset when he dies than when any of my actual relatives do and I didn't make any money out of them whatsoever.