Sunday, 30 September 2012

5 things we learnt from Man Utd Vs Spurs

Spurs recorded their first win against Manchester United in 256 years and they did it at Old Trafford of all places. What did we learn? Education is important kids.

1. Manchester United need a destroyer - 
This isn't really something new but it was displayed to dramatic effect last night. In the first half there was a gap about the size of Belgium between United's defence and midfield. This allowed the Spurs' players to run at Ferdinand and the accused time and time again. They need someone like Gandalf, he doesn't let anyone pass. Although he does have a fondness for small boys.

2. Alex Ferguson is mental/a genius/deluded
It was 3-2 in the 53rd minute, thus giving Manchester United 40 minutes still to score. They didn't but it was because they didn't have enough injury time, of course! 

"They gave us four minutes [injury time], that's an insult to the game. It denies you a proper chance to win a football match."
I can't figure out if Ferguson has gone mental, is deluded or if he is mind fucking the officials and his players. By blaming things on the referees all the time it creates the us and them mentality, makes the officials shit themselves and makes his players think that perhaps they deserved to get a draw but were robbed by the officials. In my opinion it just makes him look like a twat.

3. The players do not hate Andrew Villas-Boas
If you believe the tabloids/Twitter then you are an idiot. Reports all over the shop were talking about how much the players hated working with AVB. The reaction of their players to him after they scored and at the final whistle was not the reaction of people who don't get on. I hate the majority of the British public so trust me.  Apart from Hugo Lloris of course, who definitely hates him. 

4. Spurs should be pushing for the Champions League
Obvious I know, but if you look at the Spurs team, they should be pushing for a Champions League place. Aaron Lennon plays like someone with schizophrenia and Jermaine Defoe is definitely a Europa League striker but those two aside, this team is good. The fact that auld melted-face got sacked for whoring himself out to England despite his failure to get into the Champions League reflects this - oh and he looks like Droopy Dog.

5. Rio Ferdinand is old
It wasn't too long ago that Rio Ferdinand had a case for being the best centre back in the world. Those days are definitely gone and he will probably be having nightmares for weeks about Gareth Bale and Lennon. Johnny Evans was distracted by the sight of a policeman and he let Bale run at Ferdinand. It was like watching an F1 car take on my Ford Fiesta in a drag-race. If football was like subbuteo then Ferdinand would be absolutely fine, but unfortunately for him you do have to run quite a lot in football. Perhaps it's time to hang up your boots and put on your merking hat.