Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wenger likes selling his players

RVP is out the door and soon he could be followed by Alex Song.

Song looks like the result of when you get really bored and piss around with the create a player in FIFA. The black viking set up at least two Van Persie goals last season that I can remember so he's probably really upset to see his mate go. It's believed that Barcelona want to buy him and when Barcelona want you, you go because they are Barcelona and not Arsenal.

Wenger quite rightly says that Arsenal are well stocked in midfield but I would like to point out that Frimpong is an idiot, Wilshere is always injured and Diaby moves around the pitch like a daddy-long-legs and I've yet to meet one person who actually likes daddy-long-legs. That leaves you with players like Arteta, Ramsey etc who are not "physical" midfielders.

Who am I to question Wenger? It's only seven years since Arsenal won a trophy -Twitter wasn't even invented.