Sunday, 26 August 2012

Wayne Rooney cut his leg

Wayne Rooney is to be put down after 27 loyal years because he fell while trying to jump over a fence and also because Hugo Rodallega cut his leg open by standing on it.

The Fulham player did something to Rooney that I haven't seen yet because I haven't watched Match of the Day, but it was probably quite painful.  If you have seen it then you'll know what happened so I don't need to write it down - all you do need to know is that he isn't going to play for about 4 weeks while his body 'mends itself'.  Oh yeh sure, so I guess Man United's doctors are wizards now?  If Wayne Rooney's leg came off I don't think I'd be surprised if he just grew a new one to be honest.  Or I guess he could buy a new one and selotape it his head.  I mean body.

I miss Ronaldo