Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Twitter - Serious Business

Two more Twitter related stories have come out, proving again that footballers are complete idiots.

Switzerland defender Michel Morganella was thrown out of the Olympics for a comment he posted on Twitter. During the game against South Korea, he pretended to be injured and was then booed every time he touched the ball for being a dirty cheat. His team was defeated 2-1 and afterwards he said on Twitter, "I want to beat up all South Koreans. Bunch of mentally handicapped retards.”

It's the kind of thing Patrick Bateman would write in his diary and makes him seem slightly psychotic. It doesn't help that his mohawk also makes him look slightly like a neo-nazi.  I think it's very important that I emphasise that I said "looks like" and not 'is'.

Frimpong is well known for saying stupid words like "dench" and forever winding up people/getting into arguments on Twitter and now he's been fined £6,000 for calling a Spurs fan a yid, which was in response to the Spurs fan "praying" that he would break his arms and legs. I would be surprised if Frimpong really knew the implications of what he said and tbh it would surprise me if he even knew how to lace up his football boots. He doesn't care, he's minted.  I'm the one sitting here with my gigantic laptop overheating and slowly warming up my testicles to the point where my sperm is being boiled alive.