Thursday, 30 August 2012

Theo Walcott likes contracts

Theo Walcott had a chat with Arsene Wenger today and that was football's biggest talking point. HOLY FUCK

The Arsenal winger/striker wants some more money, or rather his agent wants some more money and so is holding the Gunners to ransom for about £100,000 a week, according to newspapers and people like that.  I had such nicer thoughts about Theo until all this - he struck me as the kind of player who would turn up for a contract negotiation wearing a nice suit and be terribly polite about the whole thing.  "Oh I'm so sorry, I would just really like it if I got a teency bit more money, sir!" whereas his agent is just all "pay me money you dicks".  I've totally run out of steam with this one.  If I'm honest, I only thought I'd do about 4 posts tonight because I've been drinking since I got home from work and I can't really remember what I've written so far.  At least all of this will be a surprise for me in the morning.