Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Reading owner's wife is hot

Gripping football news for you, sports fans - Reading's owner has a super hot wife.  Well done to you sir.

The newly promoted Premier League club are currently drawing with Chelsea 2-2, but that might change since the second half is about half way through.  Either way, at least I have a reason to post pictures of a Victoria's Secret model without having to be in anyway clever and still claim it's a football site.  Because: tits.

Her name is Katsia Zingarevich and her husband is Russian billionaire Anton Zingarevich who owns the football club called Reading, which is pronounced redding.  So he's super rich, has a Victoria's Secret model as a wife and owns his own football club.  Oh yeh?

Well I live in my parents house and my broadband upload speed is like 0.1mbs.  So put lingerie on that and have sex with it, Mr Russian billionaire!  Oh that's right you can't!

edit: chelsea won the game 4-2.  Torres scored too which is nice.