Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Liverpool behind the scenes documentary looks cool

Liverpool allowed an American film crew to follow them around for the last while, specifically since around about the end of last season, and now they've released some secret footage!  Like this bit where Brendan Rodgers is cool

In this scene we see Brendan Rodgers talking to his Liverpool squad like they are a failing classroom full of neds that think knowing things and education in general is pointless when simply selling drugs and kicking things earns you more money.  He has a go at Raheem Sterling for being a mouthy jerk without ever raising his voice and he just looks pretty cool.  He's definitely better than me at football managing because according to FIFA and Football Manager, my team talks just sound like 'FUCK YOU EVERYONE YOU'RE ALL CUNTS' and they lose.  And then I drink lots of wine.

Did I mention that I had a lion bar today?  It was delicious