Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tal Ben Haim is a Jabroni

Portsmouth are going under, again. This is what happens when you spend money you don't have. Ben Haim is currently on £36,000 and is yet to agree a compromise, but it's not his fault. Oh no, it's the big bad administrators who are to blame.

The admin team who are definitely as boring as they sound, have set August the 10th as the deadline for all senior players to leave. Most players have made huge sacrifices money wise and moved on to try and help Portsmouth avoid being melted in a volcano. Not Ben Haim, he wants his £36,000 a week because he totally deserves it.

Ben Haim signed a four year contract and gosh darn he's going to make sure he gets his money. What a massive bell-end, 90% of the population probably live on under £36,000 a year. Although if Ben Haim takes a cut he will probably have to drive a Porsche instead of a Ferrari, imagine the embarrassment.

I'm probably being harsh and have completely misread the entire article. I guess we'll never know, and I'll never care.