Thursday, 30 August 2012

Stephen Warnock's wife is clever, maybe not

Stephen Warnock isn't really in Aston Villa's plans at the moment, and this may or may not have had an impact on his wife who tweeted "How's Villa getting on?" while Villa were losing 3-1 to Everton.  The internet went berserk

from the Birmingham Mail

Upon her innocent tweet, football fans - who as we all know are the most intelligent section of our society - reacted as any half ape would, by sending her lots of abuse.  Perhaps she was on the wind-up, I don't care.  Laura Warnock claims she was simply trying to find out the score because the easiest way to do this was tweet it and then wait for someone to reply, and just trust that reply from a complete stranger, rather than check ohhhh..... I dunno, the rest of the fucking internet.  When you start taking advice from and accepting statistical information from 12 year olds, it's time to stop playing FIFA all day and try and get a real job