Friday, 3 August 2012

Stan Petrov is kicking cancer's ass

Stiliyan Petrov wins more football and life points today as it transpires that his cancer is going into remission!  Yeh!  Take that cancer!

The Aston Villa captain is winning his battle against leukemia and there's not really any room for me to make a joke about anything, because it's just nice to know that he's not going to die anytime soon.  Everyone likes Stan Petrov because he is awesome.  And when I say that he won't die anytime soon I mean he should live until about 80 something, because he's a human and not immortal.  Unless it turns out he is and this was all a clever ruse because he's secretly actually planning to enslave us all just when we don't suspect it, because he's at his weakest.  And if that is what he's doing then he's a real jerk.

Mon the Stan!