Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Some player sacked for something Facebook related

Facebook is terrible and I hate it but not as much as Adam Bygrave who's been sacked for being a prize cock on it.  I hope this catches on.

I don't think I hated it before EVERY cunt was on it, but yet again the morons have taken hold of something and ruined it.  It's an easy argument to make that social networking gives a voice to those who would never normally be heard, and it's an argument I can defeat by giving you an example of what this kind of person tends to say:
"I deeply regret comments that I have loaded onto my Facebook page over the last 12 months.
LOADED?  Urghrhghghghg.  This isn't the stuff that's got him sacked by the way, it's stuff I can't find on the internet but I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find it.  The 23 year old apologised to his club, Farnborough, who play in the Blue Square Premier:
"As much as I totally accept that they are inappropriate and will offend many people, I believed I was just repeating banter and jokes from numerous sources.
"I am involved in a private family dispute that has racial and disabled implications of which led to some of my actions and although this is no defence, there is always two sides to a story.
"Nevertheless I accept the severe punishment handed out by the football club as I have left them with no option, I hope people will accept that I have made a mistake, and just because I have posted comments of this nature, it does not mean that I believe in them.
 So now he's a free agent.  Free to do whatever he wants - find a new club, train really hard, become a superstar and win the world cup, or go slut hunting Facebook on his phone.  Which was it's only real purpose before your relatives started going on it.